V LIFT is a revolutionary alternative to the traditional facelift. It makes use of PDO ( Polidioxanone )absorbable threads that are embedded under the skin. These are the same threads that are used for cardiac and other major organ can be done under local anesthesia. It gives immediate results that will last from 1- 1.5 years. Additional effects are improved skin tone and skin elasticity.

BOTOX injection is a non permanent treatment used to smooth out facial wrinkles, lines and scars. Botox injections block the nerve impulses that cause these facial muscles to contract. BOTOX has become one of the most popular treatment for reducing wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet. BOTOX is a highly purified protein substance that relaxes the muscles of expression that cause wrinkle lines. It is administered with a very tiny needle directly into the muscles that cause the lines and wrinkles.
The INTENSE PULSED LITE (IPL) is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes advanced laser technology. It is a safe and gentle procedure for skin rejuvenation and treatment of blemishes and permanent hair removal with little or no pain and no down time. The thermal energy used also promotes collagen remodelling.

RESTYLANE – FDA approved filler that corrects volume imperfections. It is great for plumping and enhancing various parts of the face including the lips, nasolabial and mentolabial folds.

FRACTIONAL LASER is a treatment for skin resurfacing, collagen formation and rejuvenation. It is safe for all skin types and may be used on different parts of the body like the face, neck and hands. It improves if not eradicates fine lines, sun spots, acne scars and more.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a treatment that entails the use of autologous platelets which contains growth factors and cytokines that potentiates one’s own healing power and tissue reorganization. The treatment reverses all signs of aging especially in the face, neck, hands and other parts of the body. Having been taken from the patient’s own blood makes it totally safe and hypoallergenic.

DIAMOND PEEL is a gentle, yet effective mechanical peeling of the skin to rejuvenate and maintain its health. The old surface is removed, leaving the skin soft, fresh, and rejuvenated. Combined with facial ultrasound and electrical stimulation, Diamond Peel improves many skin conditions and imperfections to create a healthy skin surface.

MESOTHERAPY is a means of delivering pharmaceutical agents into the middle layer (the mesoderm) of the skin. It is a non-invasive method of injecting vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, enzymes, and medicines into specifically targeted areas of the body. Different medications are administered at different depths, depending on the treatment being performed.


Cosmetic tattooing ( lips, upper and lower lids) is a common procedure. Permanent cosmetic eyebrow tattoos might also be a solution for individuals who have vision problems (such as cataracts) and have no way of assessing how they look. It may also serve as a solution to patients with allergy to makeup.

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