“Nose Lift”, is used to improve the appearance of a person’s nose. It is also frequently called a “nose job.” This is done singly or in combination with other procedures like alar base trimming.

“Alar Base Trimming” narrows the wide flaring and large opening of the nostrils. Tip repair is sometimes done simultaneously if needed. The purpose of this procedure is to enhance your looks while maintaining your ability to breathe through your nose.

“Chin augmentation” uses surgical implants or fillers that can modify the underlying structure of the face, providing better balance to the facial features. Chin implants are made in various shapes and sizes and they are made out of both solid and semi-solid materials. Fillers come in the form of autologous fat or hyaluronic acid.

If needed this is done simultaneously with rhinoplasty. This will allow a more harmonious symmetry to one’s facial features.

BLEPHAROPLASTY (also known as eyebag removal for the lower eyelids and “droopy” lid correction for the upper eyelids ) aims to reshape the upper eyelid or lower eyelid through the removal and/or relocation of excess tissue in particular fat and skin as well as by reinforcement of proximate muscles.

“Face Lift” smoothens the loose skin on the face and neck, Underlying tissues are tightened and excess fat if present is eliminated. This procedure makes your face appear firmer and fresher. It may either be done as a partial or full facelift depending on one’s needs.

MICRO-HAIR TRANSPLANTATION is a state-of-the-art procedure that has replaced “plugs” or larger grafts of hair. Transplantation is a process that needs hundreds of micro-grafts, each of which will hold from one to three hairs mini-grafted from a donor site on the side or back of the head. They are arbitrarily implanted in the bald (or thinning) area so that they will grow in a natural pattern and create an untraceable outcome.

BREAST AUGMENTATION, also known as breast enhancement or augmentation mammoplasty, is designed to increase the size and improve the shape of a woman’s breasts. Saline or silicone gel implants are inserted behind each breast, increasing a woman’s breast size. Since the milk ducts and nipples are left intact, breast augmentation surgery usually will not affect the ability of a woman to breast-feed.

MASTOPEXY OR BREAST LIFT SURGERY is designed to improve breast ptosis (“Droop”). This may or may not be performed with breast augmentation to improve volume and breast shape.

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